Vitamin A = Retinol = RetinA • Anti-Aging Super Star!
different names and varying strengths

Vitamin A increases Collagen
Reverses Aging with Reduced Wrinkles
instead of
continued collagen depletion and increased wrinkles

Vitamin A increases Elastin
Reverses Aging with Tighter/Supple Skin

instead of continued elastin depletion & increased sags

Vitamin A - Prevents Aging:
Rich in antioxidants to slow aging with free radicals.
Keeps skin plump with nourishing hydration.

Vitamin A - Smooth Texture: Fades scars, unclogs and reduces pore size, revitalizes and brightens skim controls acne outbreaks, evens out discolorations and imperfections

Vitamin A - Radiate & Glow Complexion:
Restores skin and repairs sun damage,
lightens age spots and dimishes dark circles.

ALL Advanced Age-Reversing Ingredients
are in rich, Organic Aloe Base in
Youth Duo

Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin C-Ester,
Hyaluronic Acid, CoQ10,
Alpha Hydroxy & Alpha Lipoic Acids,
Vitamin A (Retinol)
, Vitamin B & Vitamin E,
and Essential Omega: 3, 6 & 9 Fatty Acids

are synergistically and scientifically formulated,
in the highest-result concentrations, to

quickly Look 10 Year Younger!

"Vitamin A & Retinol Skin Care - Exfoliate & Glowing" Transcript

Retin-A and Retinol are forms of Vitamin A in different concentration percentages.

Some Retinol products are prescription only for really good reason - warning, warning - because, if not used properly can cause irritation, redness and blotches that will be further irritated with sun exposure even with just going to the grocery store.

With proper use, Vitamin A, has been known as the anti-aging Skin Care super star

Enquiring minds want to know?


Retin-A, Retinol, Vitamin A (in its various molecular forms) helps skin stay healthy and to Look Younger.

Vitamin A is a powerful exfoliant to unglue dead-skin cells which reduces Sun and UV damage, age spots, hyperpigmentation and discoloration, acne scarring, and even eliminates fine lines.

It also unclogs pores, which is a great aid to those with acne and it the process, Vitamin A smooths and reduces pore size.

Exfoliation, removes all lifeless dead skin and exposes porous, new receptive skin, to be feed and nourished, with Youth Duo’s combined, hi-performance synergy of DMAE, CoQ10, Amino Acid and Peptide ingredients to accelerate Collagen and Elastin production…translating into rejuvenated, refreshed and Younger Looking skin.

As with all exfoliation, be respectful of UV exposure, don't work against your renewed, rejuvenated skin! Big hats and sunglasses!

Mysterious and glamorous protection.

The secret to using Retina A, as with everything else in life is balance.

Take the consistent, Goldilocks approach…a little every day is best for long-term results.

The longer you wait, the more Collagen and Elastin you lose.

Start to reverse your age, build Collagen and Elastin.

Look Younger NOW!

Morning and night, twice a day: 1-2 application • serum & moisturizer.

Your skin will feel great and you'll Look Younger too.

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