Aloe (not water) is the BASE of
Youth Duo and HEMPress Youth Duo

Aloe is the "Plant of Immorality"
with 75 YOUTH-Enhancing Nutrients
Aloe is so "Immortal" and such a Miracle Cure,
why isn't the BASE of all Skin CARE products?
12 essential Vitamins -
for more B1, B2, B6 & B12, C, E
and A (RetinA) awesome Age Prevention to
Youth Duo & HEMPress Youth Duo
adding more Vitamins to naturally tighten skin, improve elasticity
and minimize wrinkles
20 Age-Reversing Minerals
copper, iron, sodium, calcium, zinc, potassium,
chromium, magnesium, manganese, and more
Aloe is jammed with Antioxidants
fight inflammation and reduce free radical
which accelerate aging....making wrinkles and sags!
Aloe is natural exfoliant:
gently sluffs off dead skin and damaged tissue
(reducing scars, dark circles...
especially under the eyes and age spots)
to regenerate new cells that
stimulates re-growth of radiant skin.
Aloe is Awesome!
Did you "get" that it's the BASE of
Youth Duo & HEMPress Youth Duo
ALL Advanced Age-Reversing Ingredients
are in rich, Organic Aloe Base in
Youth Duo

Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin C-Ester,
Hyaluronic Acid, CoQ10,
Alpha Hydroxy & Alpha Lipoic Acids,
Vitamin A (Retinol)
, Vitamin B & Vitamin E,
and Essential Omega: 3, 6 & 9 Fatty Acids

are synergistically and scientifically formulated,
in the highest-result concentrations, to

quickly Look 10 Year Younger!
Hemp in Skin Care video

Hemp Seed Oil | Vitamin C Ester | Hyaluronic Acid | Alpha Hydroxy Acids | CoQ10 | DMAE
Aloe | Alpha Lipoic Acids | Vit A - Retinol | Vit B | Vit E | Omega: 3, 6 & 9 | Peptides / Amino Acids

"Aloe - Flawless and Beautiful Skin CARE" Transcript

Find out what Cleopatra and ancient Egyptians knew about aloe and why!

Even today, I asked my chemist to use organic Aloe as the base of our Youth Serums instead of water. Why? Aloe is awesome!

Stay Tuned!

Just like nutrition panels on food, it is important to read skin-care labels.

The first ingredient is always the one in highest concentration.

Most Skin Care products, even the expensive ones, start with water that evaporates quickly, which doesn't do much for your skin.

Aloe is described by the ancient Egyptians as the “plant of immortality.”

It's also known as the "miracle plant" because it survives in the most arid of African deserts, and even when water is scarce, Aloe stays hydrated because it stores water in its succulent leaves.

We use Aloe as the Base in our Youth Serum and Age-Defying Moisturizer for you to benefit form its succulent healing, nurturing and moisturizing properties to keep your face cells hydrated too!

I don't know why skin care companies aren't using aloe as their base ingredient…

Aloe has awesome power-packed miracle benefits!

Aloe, the ingredient of immortality, has 75 nutrients

20 minerals
(copper, iron, sodium, calcium, zinc, potassium, chromium, magnesium and manganese) ,

8 amino acids (which are proteins, the stuff that makes strong cells) and 200 active enzymes.

Aloe is naturally loaded with 12 essential Vitamins:
folic acid and Niacin which are concentrated
B1, B2, B6 and B12, Vitamin C, E and A (you heard of Retin A, right?)

Remember to enjoy my ingredient videos to learn why add all these vitamins in super-concentration to our Youth Serum to provide maximum penetration deep into the Microconidia and fiberblasts, the fueling stations, of your cells.

So what is aloe going to do for you as the base in Youth Serum?

Aloe is a miracle ingredient, full of antioxidants like beta carotene, vitamins C and Aloe which naturally tightens the skin, improves elasticity and minimize wrinkles, and includes age-reversing anti-oxidants that fight inflammation and reduce free radicals which accelerates the ageing process.

As a natural exfoliant, Aloe gently sluffs off dead skin and damaged tissue (reducing scars, dark circles - especially under the eyes and age spots) to regenerate new cells that stimulates re-growth of radiant skin.

And these are just a few, WHEW, of the miracle, immortality benefits.

Why would ever even consider a skin care product without an aloe base?

Just think, when you add ALL hi-performance Youth Duo ingredients, scientifically-formulated in highest concentrations, of course you'll start Looking Younger NOW!

Aloe is Awesome! Ageless.

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